Writer's Block: Online relationship shopping

How do you think online dating has changed the way people meet and form relationships? Do you think it's increased or diminished the superficial emphasis placed on looks and financial status?

Lets face it, some folks are going to be superficial about those things regardless of where they meet.  Everything you learn about someone online you would eventually learn about them in person. 

I have a wonderful relationship that started at a dating site.  We chatted online for a few months before we met face to face.  I was comforting knowing much about her before meeting.  It made for a comfortable first date for someone who can be shy and socially inept at times.

Google Bombing.

Google has an algorithm to prevent bombing.  It used to be that a certain unflattering term would bring up George W's page.   Google has recently detected an attempt to associate the same phrase with Obama; another attempt has the oppisite term, "cheerful achievement", associated with Obama's page.

Yahoo doesnt have such an algorithm.  The unflattering term still brings W at #1,  "Cheerful achievement" has Obama in the top 5 right now.   

I want to take part in a Yahoo-bombing.

Cheerful achievement

I found it funny

Driving today,  I drove past a dairy farm, that has a store which also sell products from other local farms.  They have a series of signs along the road naming the products they sell. 

One read:

Now, I know this was indicating pork and cheese, but had the thought of cheese made from pig's milk.

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The elusive.

When typing to get here,  I accidentally typed got redirected to one of those weird search pages.  How cool would a site called JiveJournal be?  Perhaps I should start one.

Onto my original intended post...  I have long know these existed, but not until tonight did I actually see them...  Everybody has seen the Touch of Grey video, and some might even remember Foolish Heart.  Now check out Throwing Stones and Hell in a Bucket  Get ready to laugh and be embarrassed for the poor old Grateful Dead (remember this was the 80's).

Oh Bobby, you are such a dork.


Odd night.

I volunteered last evening for a group called Happy Hour Heroes (that provides sobriety support to concert and festival goers, mainly events associated with the band moe.[or as blackstone calls it, helping the hippies stay sober]).  The woman who volunteered with me was obviously not comfortable. It was her first time volunteering at such a thing, and she didn't like the lack of anonymity; she was constantly worried that some acquaintance was going to see her behind a table announcing that she is clean and sober.  I'm wondering how the hell she expected to volunteer in a place with over a thousand people and remain anonymous.  She was also one of those 12 steppers who openly disapproved that I didn't work the program exactly like the traditional way in which she did.  She also, despite being hung up on anonynimity, gave up part of mine. 

Halfway through the first set, she asks if I can give her a ride home;  it wasnt as if a ride called and cancelled, she previously told me her cell phone battery died.  Being a gentleman, I could not say no.  So at 1:30AM, I tacked another 30 minutes to my ride home. 

Among the things we do is have bumper stickers with sobriety slogans for people to take, with a suggested donation of $1 per sticker.   This young couple wanted to donate $2 for 2 stickers.  The guy only had a 20 and asked If I had change, there was only $12 dollars in the collection, but she really wanted the stickers so I threw in 5 of my own money (got 3 of it back from subsequent donations) and he was fine with getting 17 back. 

The table also has a bowl of candy for anyone to munch upon.  On the way home I stopped in the 24 hour Wal-mart to replenish the candy supply.  I went to pay with the 20, and found hout it was counterfit; a good one, but obviously fake when not in the dim light of a club.  Who the fuck rips off a donation jar?

A block from home (really one block),  blue and red lights.  The officer ran the tags on my new truck, and they came back as belonging to my old truck.  Everything checked out, and I was in bed 10 minutes later.

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Vehicular insecurity.

A few weeks ago I bought a new truck, because my mechanic recommended not repairing the old one.  The truck I got was a really good deal, but the thing is fucking huge.   I find myself feeling guilty and ashamed for having such a huge truck.  The odd thing about it is, it seems to be surprisingly fuel efficient for its size; after 2 fill ups, I have calculated that it gets about the same mileage as my dinky little truck I had previously.  So regardless of the fact that my carbon footprint hasn't really changed,  I cant get over the fact that I'm driving a full size truck, it might as well be a super huge SUV.  Its all a matter of perception; why should I care what other people think about what I drive?